Your Complete Guide To Manure

Manure is an amazing waste product that can transform the health and vitality of your garden. There is a lot of information out there about using manures in the garden, but it can be confusing. Which type should you use for what, do you need to compost it, where can you find it?

Let’s cut the crap: manures are faeces, the end result of different animals’ culinary consumption. Which animal, what they eat and how they process their food is what makes the difference. All manures are beneficial, but practically speaking, the best manure is the one that’s easiest and/or cheapest for you to access.

This article is not discussing human, dog or cat faeces. Although these can be valuable waste products when safely composted, they need special attention and should not be used directly on edible plants. Using manure from chickens, horses, sheep, cows, rabbits, alpacas and pigs however can yield great results in the garden.