Mindfulness In The Garden

Too often, we get caught up in our busy lives. We become overwhelmed and never quite catch up with all the tasks we’ve set ourselves. Becoming more aware of our surroundings through mindfulness is one way to reset ourselves and improve our wellbeing.

Observation is an important part of permaculture, but being conscious of how we observe makes a huge difference in how we relate to our properties. It’s too easy to walk through your garden and notice only the things that you have to do. Sometimes, it can be energising, but often it is overwhelming and exhausting.

Moving from a quarter acre, to seven and a half fertile, sunny acres was a dream come true. Yet, with four established orchards and two huge vegetable patches already in place, we quickly fell into a pattern of stress and panic; forever playing catch-up on chores that we didn’t fully understand. When I looked out at our paddocks and orchards and garden beds, I seemed to see only what was waiting to be done. I saw only flaring weeds, too-long grass, beds that needed tending and trees that needed pruning.