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The theme for the Perth (Swanleigh) convergence in October 2016 is ‘Permaculture – designing for resilience’. David Holmgren, Rowe Morrow, Robin Clayfield and Graham Bell are running advanced courses, and some prominent permaculture practitioners have indicated that they will be there.

Registration information

Registration will soon be available on the website, so please check that frequently. All costs, courses, tours and other events will be listed there.

Registration and attendance at APC13 is a prerequisite for any tours and courses that follow. Only PDC holders can enrol in advanced courses.


We have put together a great range of post-APC13 courses that include:

  • one-day workshop with David Holmgren on Future Scenarios – also open to the public
  • two-day Advanced Permaculture Principles course with David Holmgren
  • five-day Advanced Permaculture Teaching course with Rowe Morrow and Robin Clayfield
  • five-day Advanced Permaculture Design course with Graham Bell and Ross Mars, with David Holmgren as guest.


There will be a range of tours to various properties in and around Perth, including: day tours to Perth city sites (including Josh Byrne’s place) and to small acreage properties in the hills east of Perth; and two two-day tours, one to the southwest to Margaret River, Nannup and Balingup, and the other north to Geraldton to see Julie Firth’s amazing place.


You can find out all about registration, events, courses, and tours by visiting



The Host

‘Aranya’ is hosting the 2017 IPC in India. Their mission is to research and implement alternative agriculture through permaculture practices. They also have over 1000 permaculture gardens and hundreds of farms to demonstrate good permaculture projects in India.

The Theme

The proposed theme for the Indian Conference and Convergence is ‘Close the Gap. Open the Circle’. There will be a strong focus on the plight and power of women in creating change to close the gap between rich and poor and open the circles of understanding, knowledge and wisdom of the elders. Vandana Shiva will be invited to be a keynote speaker at this conference and Robyn Francis has promised to help teach the PDC leading up to the conference.

Call for Support

Would you like to be part of the team preparing and organizing IPC17 in India? If so, email aranya_agrialt@rediffmail. com and let us know how you can assist. Many hands make light work!! We need experienced event management advice, web designers, data organisers, sponsor gatherers, technical advisers and graphic artists.

Like the IPC India 2017 Conference on Facebook or visit



Permafund is Permaculture Australia’s tax-deductible fund. Donations are accepted and a dedicated voluntary committee distributes the funds to worthy permaculture projects both in Australia and around the world through a grants round process. Small amounts from $500 to $2000 go a long way in many countries and it’s a tangible action that demonstrates our third ethic of redistributing the surplus.

In 2014 Permafund assisted the NGO Ockenden in Cambodia with funds to upgrade their training facility that models permaculture design to the local farming community. Umoja Orphanage in Kenya received funding to develop their village that offers an alternative to child abandonment and gives these children a second chance at life.

Rosemary Morrow recently became Permafund’s first patron. This is in recognition of her standing within the movement and her pioneering work in countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Uganda.

You can help Permafund by donating by;

1. Direct Deposit (details on website.)

2. Cheque/ Money Order to: Permaculture International

P.O Box 230 Church Point NSW 2105

Or online at:

Please remember to provide your name and address for a receipt.



As the problems of the world become more and more complex, the solutions become clear and simple. One Australian family spent their life savings, travelled to the USA and spent four years making a film about a style of farming they think will help save humanity!

Polyfaces is a joyful film about connecting to the land and the community. Produced over four years it follows the Salatins, a fourth-generation farming family who do ‘everything different to everyone else’ as they produce food in a way that works with nature, not against it. Using the symbiotic relationships of animals and their natural functions, they produce high quality, nutrient-dense products.

‘I have no doubt that your film will fill young people with optimism and stoke their desire to farm. I can’t imagine watching it as a 20 year old and not deciding this is what I want to do!’, Michael Pollan (an American writer and activist).

Watch Polyfaces in selected cinemas and at community screenings across Australia and the world from January 2016. See or @Polyfaces on Facebook and Twitter.


The National Union of Workers has started a campaign to ensure that fresh food workers earn a living wage, have a say in their workplace, and work free from harassment and exploitation.

In Australia fresh food is often harvested in facilities that look more like huge factories than farms. Thousands of people work on extremely low wages to produce food for large corporations, which is then sold in the big supermarkets.

Many fresh food workers are new migrants and refugees, working holidaymakers and people from regional areas with high unemployment and few job opportunities.

Fair Food can only come with fair work. Fresh food workers deserve dignity and respect.

Read more on our website and support our Fair Food campaign:


For lovers of great food … don’t miss one of these threecourse harvest lunches on a permaculture property!

Join Garden to Table Permaculture for a harvest lunch prepared by Chef Sarah Wilton. Enjoy the delicious flavours of the seasonal harvest, where the focus is on local, organic, sustainable wholefoods. The philosophy is all about using in-season produce that will be harvested from the garden at Pacific Palms and enjoyed around the table with friends.

After the starters you’ll be guided around the garden by permaculture teacher Megan Cooke, to harvest some produce for lunch; and hopefully you’ll leave inspired to start growing your own produce.

Garden to Table Harvest Lunch dates in 2016 are: 14 February, 15 May, 14 August and 23 October. For more info visit


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