Pip Picks

Here is a product that you don’t have to buy but you can make yourself and simultaneously create connections and community. Nothing quite reminds you of summer than a bottle of preserved tomatoes in the middle of winter. Gather your glut of tomatoes or buy them in bulk from the market and get together with friends to have a passata making day in your own backyard.For those in Melbourne you can join in the Crowdsaucing day with CERES Fair Food. Register for the event and saucing tomatoes, grown by a local organic farmer, will be delivered to you at your house, a community kitchen or someone’s backyard. CFF will also provide you with sauce-making knowledge, how-tos, free delivery of the saucing tomatoes and labels.Because ‘at the heart of everyone, there is a little Italian Nonna yearning to get elbow-deep in tomatoes with friends, family and even strangers. Getting together to turn tomatoes into sauce isn’t just about the reward of home-preserved tomatoes in the cupboard, it’s about belonging to a community and doing something good.’