Permaculture Around The World

The Ekukhanyeni Relief Project was started in 2003 to support vulnerable children in communities affected by severe poverty and HIV/ AIDS. Ekukhanyeni has created fifteen childcare centres, which incorporate permaculture gardens, to help care for over 600 children in informal settlements around Johannesburg.

Ekukhanyeni* identified that, because of poverty and illness, families were fragmented and parents had diminished capability to provide for their children’s wellbeing. They wanted to help the children, who had no access to good food, care or formal education. While some of the children involved are orphans, the parents of others go away to work all day and the children are left to fend for themselves in the slums.

Ekukhanyeni’s community-led approach creates centres to nourish and educate the children, but the food cultivated and services provided also support the communities around the centres.