THE NEW PLENTY – Meet the house designer championing the notion of ‘enoughness’.

As overconsumption continues to drive the climate crisis, one Tasmanian building designer is quietly trumpeting the idea that less is actually more.

Jane Hilliard is on a mission to claw back the overconsumption rampant in the building industry. Swimming against the metaphorical tide that promotes ever- expanding McMansion-style developments, Jane champions the concept of ‘enoughness’ in her professional life and in her everyday life, too.

In Jane’s own words, enoughness is about ‘working out what you need to be happy and healthy, without taking more than your fair share.’ And when our homes are created with this in mind, the positive impacts radiate.

Jane is the founder and head designer at Designful. Based in nipaluna/Hobart in Tasmania, Designful creates beautiful, humble homes and small buildings for those who want to focus on mindful design. Dotted across urban and rural landscapes, the builds sit in harmony with their surrounding landscapes.