Sit and breathe. I feel like it is a time where we all need to stop and take the time to sit and breathe occasionally. When did life get so hectic for everyone? Why are we all so busy?


I hope this issue encourages you to allow yourself to take a moment to sit – preferably with a beverage of your choice – and read and breathe. To take a moment to find some inspiration from the knowledge and experience of others, and to read stories of extraordinary actions of everyday folk who are making a difference in the world, in their own small way in their own neck of the woods.

We don’t all have to be out there conquering the world and solving all of its problems all at once. Sometimes just sharing some excess homegrown produce with others in your community (Give and Take, page 58) can make a big difference in someone else’s life, or doing your bit to preserve the little ecosystem that surrounds you (Networks in Ecosystems, page 72).