Homemade Crackers

When we’re doing our best to make everything from scratch with the most wholesome ingredients and to avoid processed food and all the plastic trappings it brings, there is one food that can be our undoing. It’s that ultimate versatile snack food—crackers.

Wheat crackers, rice crackers, rice cakes, gluten free crackers— they all come in a plastic packet and are most likely made through an extrusion process in a factory that renders them highly indigestible. But still, they sure taste good. They are convenient, kids love them, and we can somehow convince ourselves that they’re just a vessel for the healthy toppings or dips we eat them with.

Is there a solution to this cracker dilemma? Yes there is. It might mean spending a bit more time in the kitchen to make these wholesome crackers from scratch but you won’t be disappointed. Your family will love them.