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Look & Listen

This is activist and academic Marcia Langton’s 16th book on Indigenous culture and was produced to help local and international travellers discover important lands and waters, and to do it by making cultural connections through the people who know it…

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Seasonal garden guides for Australian climates

Moon planting

The moon’s phases and its associated gravitational pull has a significant effect on the behaviour of tidal oceans, so it’s…

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Cooking With Fire In Flames

For Tasmanian-born chef Sarah Glover, cooking over fire is as much about place and connection as it is about flavour.

Author and chef Sarah Glover grew up in a large family in Tasmania. It…

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How To Build A Berry Patch

Winter is the perfect time to prepare your patch for that crop of summer berries you’ve always wanted. No more plastic punnets, an unrivalled depth of flavour and the joy of being able to pick the sweet taste of summer…

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Raphanus sativus – from the Greek raphanus meaning ‘easily grown’ and the Latin sativus, which means ‘cultivated’.


Radishes have a long history of cultivation and their origins…

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Tried & True

Electric-powered scooters are still very much in their infancy in this country, but there’s an all-electric brand trying to convince Australians to swap their petrol- powered transport for an emission-free option.

Super Soco is…

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Wow, what a time we find ourselves in. Now more than ever it is feeling like the world is in crisis. From recent flooding, to war, to the pandemic and just the general effects of global warming and climate change….

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Kids’ Patch

Our kids’ patch winners for this issue are Elkie and Kade from Light Pass, SA, you’ve won a Patternation Eco-City magnetic game which lets you design your very own sustainable city! Choosing from 140 tiles, Patternation allows you to incorporate…

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Upcycling: Feedbag Totes

The large woven stockfeed bags may be designed for single use, but they’re strong, sturdy and far too good to throw away.

Polypropylene can potentially be recycled and used to manufacture other forms of…

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Pip Noticeboard


A community science participation program at Macquarie University offers soil metal testing for would-be vegetable growers who want to make sure their soil is free of contaminants before they…

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Pip Picks – Things We Like


This comprehensive sun-tracking app is the perfect companion when planning your vegie garden, greenhouse or considering solar panels. Using GPS, a magnetometer and gyroscope, the app will tell you…

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Indigenous Culture: Dreamtime Stories

Dreamtime and Creation stories exist to teach people how to look after the land, its creatures and their custodians. But to truly appreciate their significance, we first must understand what is meant by the Dreamtime and the Dreaming.


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Brains Trust

Questions answered by Pip staff


Much of Australia’s eastern seaboard has experienced devastating floods over recents months. And while most of us are all too…

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Letters To The Editor

We’d love to see if we’ve inspired you to embark on any projects. The letter of the issue will receive a limited-edition Pip magazine print featuring archival inks on textured 300 gsm rag paper. Email your letters and photos to…

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Native Cherry

As well as producing a sweet edible stem, Australia’s native cherry has important ceremonial and protective properties.

The native cherry (Exocarpus cupressiformis), also known as cherry ballart, cypress cherry or wild cherry belongs to…

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Botanical Colour: Homegrown Ink

Making your own ink, dyes and art materials from the natural world around you is a deeply satisfying and almost therapeutic process. It not only grows your intimacy with the plants and soils of the place you live in, but…

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Sheep Sorrel

Native to Asia and Europe, this lemony edible plant has naturalised widely in Australia and is commonly found in backyards.

What Is Sheep Sorrel?

Sheep sorrel (Rumex acetosella)…

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Issue 24 Flipbook

Pip’s May issue is full of inspiration and ideas to help you save money in the face of rising living costs, get busy in the garden, and lead a waste – free life.

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