10 Ways To Get Kids Off Screens And Into Nature

In a world dominated by screens big and small, we all need a little nudge sometimes to switch off, look up and get outside. A growing body of evidence tells us that it’s imperative that children get plenty of ‘vitamin N’ (nature connection) in order to develop many essential life skills. So how can you encourage your kids to swap screen time for play time? Here are our top 10 ideas to make the great outdoors fun!


When you are in a special outside place with your child, step back. Observe them. Instead of directing their play, say ‘I will follow you’, and see where they take you. What do they see? What interests them? How does the world look from their perspective? What can you learn from this? Allowing your child to be free in the natural world is extremely empowering. Sometimes they may need coaxing to get out there, but once they are, as often as you can allow them to lead the way.