Build Your Own Natural Swimming Pool

A natural swimming pool is a beautiful and healthy alternative to a conventional pool. By building a natural swimming pool, you are creating a self-cleaning water system that benefits both people and local wildlife, with no risk of releasing chemicals or pollution into the atmosphere, local waterways or environment.

Natural swimming pools use no chemicals or pesticides to maintain the water quality, a welcome relief for those who suffer skin allergies or sensitivities. Through the use of plants and a small aerator, the water ecology is regulated and filtered to keep it clean and healthy.

There are hundreds of ways to build a natural swimming pool and the techniques and systems you use will vary depending on your circumstances. Generally, a natural swimming pool is divided into the swimming zone and plant zones. Usually the centre is for swimming, and the shallows for plants and animals to filter the water.

The plant zone is usually an equal area to the swimming zone. Plant zones have varied depths so different water plant species and varieties can be used, including fully submerged varieties. The plants and animals condition the water, keeping it clean, while the circulation system gently moves the water around the pool to allow the plant beds to remove excess nutrients.