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Hello peeps,

So often we are looking at the land when we talk about permaculture, so I thought for a change we would explore the watery side of permaculture in its many varied forms. In this issue we are exploring everything from seaweed to silver perch, aquaponics and natural swimming pools, as well as fire baths and even home brewing.

Water is such an essential part of our lives; the human body is made up of up to 60% water, 71% of the earth’s surface is covered by water and beneath the top layer of water that we’re familiar with in our oceans and waterways, there lies a whole other world that most of us have little to do with.

I’ve been planning for some time to make seaweed the focus of an issue of Pip, being aware that seaweed has great untapped potential as a resource with many uses. But it wasn’t until I started researching it that I realised just what a valuable yet underutilised resource it really is.

After talking with Tim Flannery and exploring his research, I was blown away by the true potential of this watery weed and its capability to have a real effect with issues surrounding climate change.

I also decided to explore aquaponics as it is a topic that for many people is fascinating yet still a bit unknown. In this article, on page 23, we try to demystify the set up and get to the bottom of whether or not it is a sustainable alternative to land-based production and possibly an option for the future of sustainable food production.

I hope you love the cover, by a local NSW artist who has spent many hours scouring the beaches for seaweed and studying its beauty.

Thanks again to all our faithful readers for supporting Pip’s growth. Our print run is increasing and our readership is growing, which is fantastic to see.

Warm rhubarbs,



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