Book Reviews

The second book from the author of Whole Larder Love: Grow, Gather, Hunt, Cook (Power House Books 2012), A Year of Practiculture focuses on ‘a way of living where daily choices are made based on their practical outcome’. When you give up your main source of income and stop buying food from the supermarket, you need to know how to survive by hunting, foraging and growing your own food, and knowing how to cook it.

Starting in spring and working through the year, this book takes you on a journey of living with the seasons and off the land. The 100 recipes are interspersed with Rohan’s humorous and honest insights and observations of a life of ‘practiculture’ As always with Rohan, beautiful photography and design make this book a pleasure to read and cook from. It’s about simple food straight from nature, and delicious ways to cook it.

Although Rohan does claim that this lifestyle isn’t for everyone – beware! – you might be inspired to give up your job and spend your days in nature, gathering and providing food for yourself and your loved ones.