Be inspired by and learn from renowned thinkers and soil advocates.

Millen Farm is hosting ‘Digging Deeper into Soil’, a half-day conference that will set the scene of soil in Australia. Featuring the most recent research from local scientists, see how this research can be used to improve soil health for food production in everything from home gardens through to commercial farms.

Come along to dig down deep into soil topics, debunking some long-held myths about soil management. Our expert speakers, Hugh Lovel, Peter Kearney and Mike Smith, will focus on how to understand your own patch and develop solutions specific for your soil and growing aspirations.

Unearth the complexities of soil through a range of topics including soil testing – understanding outcomes and illustrating how to use test results to improve soil, unravelling the biodynamics of soil and exploring the soil ‘food web’ and the implications for soil improvement.