Permaculture Design Process

For us at Good Life Permaculture, permaculture design incites deep excitement of what’s possible, but it also humbles us: landscapes and people-scapes are vast, complex, ever-changing and unique. I think that’s why we hold onto permaculture so strongly. Permaculture is the best tool I’ve found to date (I’m always open and looking) which: helps navigate not just landscapes, but life; grounds you in a solid ethical framework; but still allows you to be responsive, and work in any context.

We design from urban to small farm properties, and offer a sliding scale of design options which allow everything from a one-off site visit for a casual chat, through to detailed concept designs with fat, written reports. In recent months we’ve started collaborating with Tasmanian building designer Jane Hilliard, from Designful. Together we design both the house and landscape to develop the ultimate, integrated package for clients to work with. Combining the house and landscape allows us to design holistically, something that any permaculturalist craves. The following steps through a recent collaborative process for a property in central Hobart.