Fair Harvest Permaculture

Fair Harvest Permaculture is a testament to Jodie Lane and her dedication to community. Created over the last two decades, Fair Harvest is everything a permaculture demonstration site should be: a living, breathing example of permaculture principles in action, honouring the three permaculture ethics. But it is not the physical examples of permaculture that are most striking; it’s the community involvement that stands out the most.

Although Jodie is the heart and soul of Fair Harvest she has not made it what it is today on her own. Over the years she’s made it a hub for her local community and people passing through, who want to learn more about permaculture; feeding them, sharing her home with them and sharing her knowledge.

The 145 hectare property on the edge of Margaret River, 270 kilometres south of Perth WA, was bought by her parents in 1986 as degraded farmland with very few trees. Today it is a thriving example of working permaculture systems, with a focus on regenerative farming.