Growing Potatoes

The humble potato is a staple in the diets of most Australians. It makes sense then to grow them at home. The benefits of a freshly dug spud go beyond the incredible flavour; when you grow your own potatoes, you know exactly what type of soil they came from and what they have been exposed to. By avoiding the use of pesticides and herbicides you can eat your potatoes, skin and all, knowing that you are getting maximum nutrition without ingesting any nasty chemicals.


Originally from South America, there are around 3000 varieties of potatoes worldwide, with around 20 varieties to choose from in Australia. Choosing a variety to grow will depend on how you like to eat them. Floury potatoes with their higher starch content are good for mashing, baking or making chips. Waxy types hold together better after cooking and are good for potato salad or gratin. Whatever variety you choose to grow at home, you’ll be doing yourself a big favour by avoiding the conventionally grown potato as it is routinely featured in ‘top 10 veg to avoid’ lists due to chemical use in production.