When I put together an issue of Pip, I hope to create a beautiful publication full of ideas, inspiration and information about living more sustainably using permaculture principles. I hope that in each issue there is at least one idea that you can take away and implement into your life to help create positive change in the world.

In this issue we are focusing on waste reduction. I put a whale on the cover because after reading about a dead whale found with 40 kilos of plastic in its belly, I thought it was a strong symbol of what our wasteful culture is doing to the environment.

We look at not only reducing physical waste in our dayto- day lives (Waste Not: Reducing Waste in the Kitchen, page 42 and Waste-Free Pets, page 74), but also reducing water wastage (Reducing Water Waste, page 36). In nearly all our articles we are looking at projects and activities that ultimately reduce the amount of waste we create, from making and growing our own food, to making clothes and practicing permaculture.