Environmental Guilt

Finally the concept of living sustainably is becoming more mainstream and people are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental issues of our time. As we engage with mainstream media and social media we are seeing more ways to reduce our waste, grow our own food, create less carbon emissions, pollute the planet less and generally live more in harmony with the planet.

This is really heartening as the first step to making change is to be aware of the problem and then have the knowledge around what you can do help fix it. Knowing what effect your actions have on the planet enables you to make informed choices. But on the flip side, all this awareness can become a bit overwhelming, and for some it may feel like it’s hard to keep up.

Buy local, grow your own, make your own, waste not, say no to plastic, drive less, consume less—all these things are super important but it is hard to do the right thing all the time in all areas of your life. To do all these things requires a slow journey of small changes and we can’t do them all at once.