Growing Fruit Trees In Small Spaces

Returning from the backyard with an armful of freshly harvested fruit is a true pleasure. While sprawling acres make fruit tree growing easy, don’t think you have to miss out if you’re short on space.

The backyard orchard is a goal for lots of gardeners and…

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Cover Crops: Living Mulch

One way to support good soil is to keep it covered using an organic mulch. We’re all familiar with mulches like straw or woodchip, but the benefit of growing a living mulch also needs to be considered.

Healthy gardens are built on healthy soil. Without it,…

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Field Guide: Foraging Wild Food

Engaging with wild food sources is reconnecting with the old stories of our ancestors and finding a sustainable way to interact with and learn from your surroundings.

Foraging, or at least the idea of harvesting wild food from the land, is now in the mainstream. In…

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Fermenting At Home: Tempeh

Making tempeh is one of those projects that demonstrates how amazing home-fermented food can be when measured up against its pasteurised, store-bought alternative.

The aroma of a freshly grown batch of tempeh is incredible – floral, aromatic and mushroomy, and will differ depending upon the ingredients…

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Passive House: Huon Hemp Haus

The earthy Huon Hemp Haus in southern lutruwita/Tasmania was designed to be energy efficient, sustainable and to stay warm over the long chilly winters.

The popularity of passive-solar hemp homes is booming in Tasmania, where residents are drawn to hemp’s warmth and its ability to continue…

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Market Gardening: The Happy Farmer

Is it possible to run a market garden using permaculture principles in the middle of the desert and make it viable?

On the outskirts of Alice Springs in view of Tjoritja, the MacDonnell Ranges, with the red desert sands stretching for thousands of kilometres from his…

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Youth Guerrilla Garden: Future Proof

Climate anxiety is rife among young people right now. On Victoria’s Bellarine Peninsula, a rundown corner of a carpark is helping youth understand how small actions can lead to big changes.

On a small pocket of disused land in rural Victoria, a quiet youth-led revolution is…

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Woven Culture: Juanita Mulholland

If you love plants, you’ll know there’s always more to them than meets the eye. For Bardi artist Juanita Mulholland, coming to know native plants and their uses through weaving, sculpting and eco-dyeing, has helped her find herself, and reconnect with her heritage.

Juanita grew up…

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Homemade Clothes: Freehand Top

You don’t need a pattern to make a new top, just a well-loved one you already own so you can replicate the best bits and know it’ll fit. And because the straight seams of this freehand design makes it easy to hand stitch, you don’t…

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Tool Carrier: Garden Caddy

Time spent in the garden can be precious, so make the most of it by always being able to put your hands on the tool you need as and when you need it with this handmade garden-tool caddy.

Does it ever feel like you spend more…

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Pip Noticeboard


In a bid to educate the next generation of environmentally conscious smartphone consumers, the 2022 MobileMuster Student Film Competition is underway with student’s being urged to submit a one-minute film based on this year’s theme of The Science of Recycling. Open to individuals, groups…

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Pip Picks – Things We Like

This triple-fired enamel mug is a reminder from the Ngangkari traditional healers in the remote western desert of Central Australia to take a moment for yourself and relax. Handmade in Poland, the eight centimetrediameter mug features words in language on the outside which mean ‘take…

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Five of a Kind: 5 Alternative Leafy Greens

With the rising cost of fresh produce, there has never been a better time to grow your own leafy greens. While growing lettuce in winter is straightforward, things get trickier with the arrival of summer’s hotter temperatures which sees the fragile plant wanting to wilt…

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Pip Mailbox: Brains Trust

The recent detection of varroa mite (Varroa destructor) at the Port of Newcastle in New South Wales poses enormous challenges not just to Australia’s commercial honey industry, but to the pollination vital for producing the food we grow and eat.

Why is everyone up in arms…

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Pip’s Mailbox: Letters To The Editor

We’d love to receive your feedback, questions, ideas or to see if we’ve inspired you to embark on any projects. Email your letters and photos to


I’ve had a life-long interest in gardens but as I age – I’m now nearly 77 – I’m not…

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Indigenous Knowledge: Lomandra

This large tussock-like plant, which grows in clusters along streams and in areas where there is plenty of moisture, is one of eastern Australia’s most versatile native grasses.

Spiny-headed mat-rush Lomandra longifolia, whose botanical name literally refers to ‘long foliage’, has many uses. Aboriginal use of…

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Ways With Waste: Travel Composting

Just because you’re enjoying a well-earned break, it doesn’t mean you need to stop your good composting habits.

Now borders are open, a road trip across Australia is once again an option. It’s sometimes all too easy to leave our good recycling habits at home when…

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Save Your Seeds: Lettuce

Lactuca sativa – Lac, latin for ‘milk’ referring to the white sap, and sativa for ‘cultivated’.


The origin of cultivation dates from early days in the temperate parts of Caucasus (Azerbaijan and Georgia), in Kurdistan, Kashmir and Siberia. The Romans grew a pointed, narrow-leafed Cos just…

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In The Garden: September-December

Moon planting

The moon’s phases and its associated gravitational pull has a significant effect on the behaviour of tidal oceans, so it’s easy to understand how the moon can have a similar effect on the moisture in our soils and plants. By planning what you sow…

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Tried & True

If you’re interested in making a tufted rug and don’t fancy the idea of using a hook to pull each individual thread through, then a tufting gun is what you’ll need. There’s a few different versions on the market; ones that form looped pile, ones…

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Kids’ Patch

We love seeing what kids are growing with their families in their gardens, so snap and email us an image of what you’re harvesting at the moment. Send the photo to editorial@ – and you might even pick up a snazzy prize! This issue’s…

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Look & Listen

This book brings to homes what Nornie Bero energetically gives to diners in her two Melbourne-based restaurants which champion Torres Strait Island flavours and Australian native produce.

Part autobiography and part cookbook, Mabu Mabu begins as the fascinating story of how a girl who grew up…

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This is our 25th issue and we have been publishing Pip for nearly nine years now. During that time we have had the work of many artists featured on our cover. You may have noticed we have given our cover a revamp this issue and…

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Sustainable Events: Wanderer Festival

After a tough few years of bushfires and Covid-induced travel restrictions, a new major music festival will provide the NSW Sapphire Coast’s economy with a much-needed boost. And sustainability and community are high on the list of priorities.

The NSW’s Sapphire Coast will play host to…

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Issue 25 Flipbook

Our new issue of Pip Magazine features a new cover design and lots of content to help you live a more earth – friendly life. In this issue you will learn how to grow fruit trees in small spaces, harvest wild food from your neighbourhood,…

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