Observe & Interact: Soil Health Card

The Northern Rivers Soil Health Card was developed as a practical tool for the region’s farmers and landholders to use to monitor the health of their soils. While it was developed in partnership with NSW Agriculture, it’s got lots to offer home gardeners all around the country who want to better understand soil health.

The soil health card lists 10 straightforward visual tests performed with simple equipment and which can be carried out by one person. The card, which can be found online and printed out, provides space for you to record important details regarding the test site, as well as space to rate your own soils after carrying out the tests. By testing regularly and keeping the cards, you can build up a record of your soil health and get a better longterm picture of what’s happening beneath your feet, and importantly, why it’s happening.

Regular testing will show improvements in response to more sustainable practices, and allow early detection of developing soil problems. The soil health card is not intended to replace any regular testing you may already carry out, it is simply another tool to help you understand your soils and their productivity.