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Welcome to Issue 23 of Pip and our eighth year of bringing you great content. I’m realising our content is now more relevant than ever and I can see the growing interest in the importance of being more sustainable and self-reliant.

I’m not talking about complete self-sufficiency, instead about having a few things in the garden or in pots to eat. But as well as a garden’s potential to provide food, it plays an equally important role as a place to escape to, to just be with your plants and to be in the here and now.

With our lives being more home based, it’s great to have that outlet, however it may look. Whether it be a sprawling vegie garden, a small backyard patch or just a few plants on a sunny windowsill, having that green life to immerse yourself in, to care for and have the satisfaction of watching grow is therapeutic.

And if you do have a garden, no matter how small, getting out in it, getting your hands in the soil, watching the life that is in there; the microbes, worms, insects, bees and birds provides a great sense of peace, allowing you to be in the here and now.

A garden is all about hope and creating something positive to look forward to. Whether it be a few weeks down the track when your lettuces grow up big enough to pick, a few months when your tomatoes ripen and you’re eating tasty juicy tomatoes straight from the bush, or a few years when you plant fruit trees and you’re chomping into fresh crisp apples with a flavour you didn’t think possible after knowing only store-bought varieties.

And this extends to knowing you have a few skills to make things for yourself if you want to and the satisfaction that comes with doing so. You may or may not have the time or inclination to do it all of the time, but knowing that you can is empowering. It might be making your own drinks (page 50), or knowing how to forage for food (page 22), save seeds (page 24), make your own household cleaning products (page 80) or care for your soil to grow better food (page 38).

So I hope there is something within these pages that inspires you to get into the garden, to try something you haven’t done before or even just put it in the think tank as an activity you might try when the time is right.

As always, happy reading and big love.



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