Book Reviews

The latest offering by The Little Veggie Patch Co is like a good urban garden—colourful, full of diversity, well-planned and organised. Grow Food Anywhere covers the basics of small-space productive gardening in a fun and informative fashion.

Divided into three sections, the first, ‘What plants need’ covers the nutritional and growing requirements for specific plants as well as general soil fertility . ‘Fruit and veg to grow’ has an emphasis on plant suitability for small-scale growing, consolidated into a clever rating scale as well as all the basic planting info for specific plants. ‘Pests and diseases to know’ also has a rating scale for common garden pests (in which the human child rates the maximum 5 out of 5!).

Full of tongue-in-cheek humour, colourful photos, psychedelic illustrations and handy tips, this book could be a coffee table read or the number one go-to gardening guide for beginner to more experienced growers alike.