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Hello people,

For those of you who haven’t noticed the double digits on the spine, I am proud to announce that Pip has reached issue no. 10! It’s a coming of age, a marker of success, and a sign that we are here to stay. We are coming into our fifth year of publishing and starting to really reach out to the world.

This issue, we focus on what we can do in our lives right here and now to live more simply. You don’t have to sell up and go and live in the country; you can do a lot to change the world right from your very own kitchen table (hence the teapot on the cover).

We have an extract from David Holmgren’s book RetroSuburbia (Melliodora Publishing, 2018), which focuses on what you can do while living in suburbia, which is where 90% of the population live. David shares ideas of what we can do in our homes and gardens, and the choices we can make to create a better work/life balance.

In this issue, I invite you into my family home to see what we’ve done to retrofit it to make it run more efficiently and be a more comfortable place to live. We also meet people around the country who are growing food in public spaces. There is a lot of vacant public land out there, so these people are using it to not only grow food but also community.

We’ve listened to your requests and there’s loads of information on growing your own food, with a focus on small space gardening.

Again, we just wanted to say thank you for joining us on our journey so far, and hope you find inspiration within these pages.

Warm rhubarbs,



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