Permaculture Around The World

How we address food in our communities is a powerful agent for positive change. Incredible Edible Todmorden is an example of community permaculture in action. People from this old textile town in West Yorkshire are coming together as volunteers to grow fruits, herbs and vegetables around the town for everyone to share. It’s simple and powerful, and has grown into a movement.

You’ll find herbs at the station, a pollinator street garden, medicinals at the health centre, and community food everywhere. They encourage people to shop and share locally and work together to create markets, festivals, meals, classes, gardens and a thriving network. The community has transformed itself through this project. There is a feeling of cohesiveness, positivity and a rippling out of influence. Their focus on relocalising food by bringing people together to grow, harvest, cook, eat and celebrate together is building a stronger, kinder and friendlier community.