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Permaculture Around The World


Photos courtesy of projects

How we address food in our communities is a powerful agent for positive change. Incredible Edible Todmorden is an example of community permaculture in action. People from this old textile town in West Yorkshire are coming together as volunteers to grow fruits, herbs and vegetables around the town for everyone to share. It’s simple and powerful, and has grown into a movement.

You’ll find herbs at the station, a pollinator street garden, medicinals at the health centre, and community food everywhere. They encourage people to shop and share locally and work together to create markets, festivals, meals, classes, gardens and a thriving network. The community has transformed itself through this project. There is a feeling of cohesiveness, positivity and a rippling out of influence. Their focus on relocalising food by bringing people together to grow, harvest, cook, eat and celebrate together is building a stronger, kinder and friendlier community.

The Incredible Edible Todmorden project is run on donations. There are now over 100 Incredible Edible projects around the UK and 700 worldwide, plus social enterprise companies that have formed; all with no paid staff, no public funding, no buildings, but just a positive vision for change and a willingness to muck in.


Photo courtesy of projects

Many people are looking for another way to live, other ways of being on the land and in communities, and other ways of working. In particular, the young people in the permaculture movement are exploring alternatives; it’s an exciting time with many projects sprouting up around the world.

At Boodaville, a permaculture project a few hours from Barcelona in the Matarranya region of Spain, people are coming together to create a demonstration site and work towards forming a small ecovillage. They want to engage people in learning about living a permaculture way of life, simply by doing it.

This year they are hosting a Living Permaculture Course and the 7th Boodaville Festival, which will contain workshops, music, dancing and nature connection for young people who want to be part of a lively and meaningful permaculture movement.


Photo courtesy of projects

The first ever Children in Permaculture Conference is going to be held in Prague this May, with workshops, seminars and site visits. Children in Permaculture is a three year program funded by the EU to connect projects and exchange ideas in five countries (UK, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Italy).

They are creating, gathering and sharing great permaculture materials for children and teachers. This is to help adults become better permaculture teachers for children. They also highlight those who are working with children in permaculture in local communities around the world.


Photo courtesy of projects

IDEP is an Indonesian NGO, started in 1999, which develops and delivers training, community programs and media about sustainable development through permaculture. IDEP also works directly with local communities to maintain ongoing disaster management and sustainable development projects.

IDEP’s vision is for ‘safe and sustainable lives through understanding our interconnectedness with nature’. Focusing at the community level, they want to empower and make communities resilient, especially those vulnerable to disaster. You can help support the work they do by donating and supporting a project, such as their Bali Water Protection campaign.


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