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Pip Picks: Things We Like



This house is crafted so beautifully that if we weren’t way too big to fit, we’d be moving right in. The Biome Bee House is designed to provide a safe home for Australian native bees, who are more fragile than the European honey bee. They also like their own space, which is why the nooks and hollows of this design is perfect for them. Sold through eco store Biome, the bee house is made by members of the Indooroopilly Men’s Shed. The materials used come from recycled pallet boxes and weed bamboo that has been cleared from around Brisbane.




Weck make beautiful, high-quality and zero -waste preserving jars for a wide range of purposes including fermenting, jam and sauce making. The jars come with natural rubber food grade seals, stainless steel clips and glass lids, making them suitable for water-bath preserving (without any issues of rust, found in many traditional preserving kits). Their beautiful voluptuous forms are ideal for showing off your buxom garden bounty. They come with a range of modular lid sizes, making them very versatile. The replaceable natural rubber seal is also biodegradable, meaning there is no single -use plastic used in their design, while they come packaged completely plastic-free too.

Jars range from $4.75 to $34.95 for a case of 12.



We now have a new range of 100% organic cotton Pip market tote bags on offer. Made in a fair trade factory, these tote bags come in a range of funky designs featuring our favourite collection of Pip animals, including the chicken, duck, goat, bee, fish and our new ‘grow yourself’ design.

$7.50 each or the collection for $40.


Run by three sisters, Puri started off as a palm oil-free soap company catering to people with eczema and psoriasis. It has since expanded to other natural skincare products, including lip balms, deodorants and essential oil sprays. There are none of the nasty ingredients, such as parabens and petrochemicals, included, which makes them especially great for people with sensitive skin. Puri’s products aren’t tested on animals, and staying true to their palm oil-free mission, they donate 10% of their profits to the Orangutan Foundation.

From $7


The Hori-Hori is your new favourite garden tool! The humble trowel has taken a backseat in recent years to its sharper competitor, the Hori-Hori or Japanese soil knife. The Hori-Hori is a versatile and multi-purpose tool with a strong stainless steel blade that is razor sharp and serrated for cutting through roots and tough soil. It can be used as a knife, a saw, a digging tool, as a measuring device for planting bulbs and for splitting perennials. It is so strong, the Hori-Hori can also serve as a small hand axe. The stainless steel means it is lightweight and will never rust even if you mistreat it. The blade itself has a handy little ruler stamped on one side so you can plant bulbs at the right depth and both the straight and the serrated blade edges are easy to sharpen as needed.




Slow Threads is a new clothing store specialising in natural and organic fabrics for little ones. But what we love best is that their range includes these handy mending kits, so that you can treasure and care for an item, and ‘hand-me-down’ it through your family’s generations. Kits include high quality needles, sewing scissors, seam rippers, needle threaders and more.

Rapid Repair Kit: $25 & Sewing Box: $70


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