Rental Retrofits: Lease On Life

With almost one in three Australians now living in rented accommodation, it’s more important than ever to ensure permaculture practices are not just implemented by those who own their own home. Even if you’re renting, there are plenty…

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On The Side: Kimchi

Kimchi is a spicy fermented side dish traditionally made as a way to preserve vegetables for harsh Korean winters. These days, its significant health benefits have made it popular in many other cultures.

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Connecting Communities: Once And For All

Permaculture design is successful because it mimics nature’s interconnectedness. An interconnectedness which allows nature to be a self-supporting mechanism that can exist and thrive without added inputs or unnecessary waste, and it’s successful because nothing exists in isolation. If we…

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Crop Rotation: Keep It Moving

Practising crop rotation when growing annual vegetables not only increases long-term yield, it preserves the fertility of your soil while deterring pests and diseases.

We can’t treat annual vegetable plants like perennials because they…

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Good Oils: Homemade Soap

By using oils and fats readily available, soap can be made at home free from synthetic fragrances and colours and can be used to wash everything from your hair and body to household dishes.

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Pip Noticeboard


Seed Mob is set to become Australia’s first Indigenous youth-led environmental organisation. With a vision of a just and sustainable future powered by renewable energy, this national grassroots network of Aboriginal…

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Easy Peasy: Lemon Squeezy

If you’ve got a bountiful harvest of citrus to squeeze, you don’t need to mess around with fiddly squeezers or noisy and expensive electric appliances.

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as being able to…

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Flying Fox

Flying foxes are vital for biodiversity, pollination and a healthy ecosystem. And some researchers believe they could be functionally extinct by 2050.

Just as permaculture is an interconnected system, so…

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Kids’ Patch 19

Our kids’ patch winners for this issue are Willow, Levi and Airlie from Kincumber, NSW, you’ve won a copy of The Runaway Dandelion by Jill Regensburg.

Next issue we are…

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5 Bugs For Biocontrol

Your garden, big or small, is an ecosystem where living things interact with each other and their environment. An ecosystem is healthy when the relationships – insect/ insect, plant/insect or living/non-living – within it function well. Formed over many thousands…

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Cucumis melo – cucumis is the Latin name for cucumber and melo from an Ancient Greek word relating to apple.


From tropical western Africa and introduced to…

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