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Permaculture Groups


Permaculture Australia

In 2011 the long established Permaculture International Ltd registered the business name Permaculture Australia (PA) to allow it to transition into the role of representing permaculture on a national level. PA is already operating as a national body in three ways:

Permafund — a nationally registered deductible gift recipient fund that can receive donations and offer grants. Last year Permafund dispersed small grants to 13 groups in Australia and overseas and a 2014 grant round is underway. Permafund also provides practical advice and mentoring support for aid and community projects.

Accredited Permaculture Training (APT) — these courses (from Cert 1 to Diploma of Permaculture) were developed by a team of dedicated volunteers over many years. APT is a competencybased training package that builds on the contents of the PDC. APT courses can be used in schools and colleges across Australia and have the potential to create jobs in the training sector. PA retains the rights to the curriculum registration and is negotiating with a national curriculum provider — Agrifoods Australia — to expand the use of the courses.

Internet platforms – Permaculture Australia has a great a website and Facebook page to promote permaculture and local initiatives.

Membership to PA includes a subscription to Pip Magazine, which means two copies a year sent to you.

So … what’s next for PA?

That’s up to you.

Permaculture Blue Mountains

We are a community group based in the Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia. Our purpose and warmest intention is to work within our local community to educate, network, support and develop skills in the art of living sustainably through the application of permaculture principles.

Our members are part of six teams that work to create sustainable and more resilient communities right across our mountain villages. These teams are the Garden Team, Living Skills Team, Education Team, Communications and Networking Team, Events Team and the Advocacy team.

One of our main activities is the bi-monthly Sustainability Talks series featuring the activities and actions that local community members are already taking.

Permaculture Hunter

Permaculture Hunter has been active for about 20 years. Currently we organise Permaculture Backyard Blitzes, a Monthly Permaculture Evening with speakers , a kitchen segment and a ‘Plant of the month’, Garden tours, Permaculture Stalls at local Festivals and Markets, and other projects as well. We’ve got a library, books for sale and do a lot of Swapsies too. It’s mostly about the people though — we’ve got a great group of committed friends who enjoy their gardening and each other too! Permaculture Hunter, Ross Brown, 04111 74453

SCPA – South East Producers.

Dynamic regional group covering the far south coast of NSW, Southern Tablelands and the Monaro whose vision is about enabling food security for their region. SCPA has several groups under its umbrella including the Bega Valley Seedsavers, Permablitz and the Loomgrowers, who raise funds for impoverished women in Third World countries. SCPA also run their own Organic Certification scheme under IFOAM and manage produce Markets in Bega and Tilba. For detail and membership —

Sarina Community (just south of Mackay, QLD)

It is an exciting time for our Sarina community. The mining boom saw our economy explode along with issues like mental health and family breakdown. Out of adversity the raw human desire has risen to return to simplicity. Simple living, simple food and simple human connection. Interest in permaculture workshops, volunteering and the pursuit of locally produced food has also grown markedly. With perfect timing Costa Georgiadis visited last year to open our new Landcare facilities and during a tour of our high school’s agriculture centre he spoke stirringly about food health and its connection to our health. He said a facility like the ag centre provided the perfect opportunity for our community to create an awesome future in sustainable local food production and education. So began a wonderful journey where we worked with the school to establish the basis of a community volunteer garden. With much joy we now have a permaculture food forest and veggie patch and the students and volunteers are bravely embarking on a buddy system program. We’d love to have new volunteers at any time and children are welcome. Please contact Alexes for more details.

Where: Sarina Rural Skills Centre. At the end of Breen St, Sarina

When: Thursdays and Fridays from 8:30 am to 5 pm. Workingbees to be held on Saturdays as required.

Contact: Alexes Marshman, community garden volunteer, 0420942830 or e-mail:


Permaculture Victoria

Permaculture Victoria is a member-based association of people practising permaculture across the state. The association had its beginnings in 1981 as Permaculture Melbourne (PcM) as the result of a loungeroom meeting between a small number of people enthusiastic about permaculture. PcM grew over the years in both members and community participation. Incorporation in 1990 led to a resurgence and broadening of activities to include education, overseas aid, heritage orchard management and other community-based involvement.

The membership is organised into geographically based Local Groups across Victoria ranging from West Gippsland in the east, through the Dandenongs, most suburbs in and around Melbourne, Ballarat, the Otways, and Donald to the north west of the state. There are also three Special Interest Groups: Perm-Apiculture (Natural Beekeeping), the Plant Group and the Victorian Educators Group.

See for a complete list.

The local groups are very active within their communities and run various activities such as permablitzes, workshops, member site visits, excursions, social gatherings and the likes. The association also organises participation at appropriate festivals and exhibitions, conferences and gatherings, and looks to support members in permaculture promotion and education.

In recognition of the spread and depth of membership across the state, the decision was made in 2013 to change the name to Permaculture Victoria (PcV) — a simple enough change, but one that triggered a great deal of grassroot-level interest in forming new local groups. This also instigated an increase of enthusiasm amongst members with plans and activities underway to build the association to include all interested ‘permies’ across the state.

For more information, visit

Permaculture West

The Permaculture Association of Western Australia Inc (PermacultureWest) is a not-for-profit incorporated association with aims to help people learn and use permaculture in their lives. The Association provides the opportunity for members and the wider community of WA to obtain information, find training, start thinking and find support for implementing permaculture designs.

We are the point of contact and networking for sustainably oriented individuals, communities and businesses in WA. We are a small volunteer team working from an accessible online presence at to disseminate permaculture information and resources, promote design and construction of permaculture systems, provide community garden and community ventures support and advice, and through local group creation provide opportunities for sustainable thinking people to meet.

Contact us to find your ‘permie’ community in WA.


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