Permaculture Groups

In 2011 the long established Permaculture International Ltd registered the business name Permaculture Australia (PA) to allow it to transition into the role of representing permaculture on a national level. PA is already operating as a national body in three ways:

Permafund — a nationally registered deductible gift recipient fund that can receive donations and offer grants. Last year Permafund dispersed small grants to 13 groups in Australia and overseas and a 2014 grant round is underway. Permafund also provides practical advice and mentoring support for aid and community projects.

Accredited Permaculture Training (APT) — these courses (from Cert 1 to Diploma of Permaculture) were developed by a team of dedicated volunteers over many years. APT is a competencybased training package that builds on the contents of the PDC. APT courses can be used in schools and colleges across Australia and have the potential to create jobs in the training sector. PA retains the rights to the curriculum registration and is negotiating with a national curriculum provider — Agrifoods Australia — to expand the use of the courses.