Random Weaving With Greenwaste

The concept behind this work is to transform greenwaste into something useful by weaving a simple bowl.

Random weaving is a traditional Japanese basketry technique used mostly for ikebana flower arrangements where the design evokes delicate birds’ nests. In this technique the material is simply woven back into itself, constructing a frame or skeleton from the bottom up.

Waste To Woven

This is a very spontaneous, playful and intuitive way to work. Often slow, the materials’ pliability dictates the final form and texture. There is no ‘real’ pattern to follow, so there are NO MISTAKES. A lot of the weaving process has to do with learning about properties, tension and pliability of the materials. However, because you don’t have to worry about the materials shrinking – tight weaving is not characteristic of this style – you can even gather fresh green plants to use from your garden, or bushwalk and weave at the same time. The weave can be either very dense or very open; surprisingly solid and strong as well.