I am so happy that you are holding this magazine in your hands and reading it. It has been a long time in the making, growing from pip to peach, and here it is present in the world, sitting in your hands.

The idea of doing this magazine first came up while I was doing my Permaculture Design Course a few years ago, when I was seven months pregnant with my third child. After much discussion and encouragement, I knew by the end of the PDC that this was going to be my contribution.

Since then, I gave birth to my daughter at home in the converted shed we were living in; my partner and I have renovated our house, making it more sustainable; we’ve slowly started implementing the design I created in the PDC; and we’ve enjoyed growing our little family. In the spare moments that exist around all that, this magazine has slowly grown.

Throughout its creation, I have met many awesome people and learnt so much from them. In the process of researching for our ‘story of permaculture’ article I spent a day with David Holmgren.