Have you ever had the overwhelming feeling that our wardrobes, or in many cases, floor-drobes, are an unbalanced ratio of what-wedo- wear to what-we-don’t-wear?

It seems that so many of us have wardrobes that consist of 25% clothes we actually wear while the rest is jeans we’d like to fit into again one day, our formal dress, the sick-as frock we got on sale but will never have the chutzpah to wear, the T-shirt that we wore on the first date with our lover, the shoes that went with that outfit but never with another, or the slacks we wore once for that interview.

These first-world conundrums, where excessive clothing is an increasingly modern ‘drama’, struck my friend Sara and me as an opportunity to facilitate a community event that was not only enjoyable but raised awareness about recycling and reducing landfill — and Swapsies was born.