Sustainability in Nimbin

Many projects start with a champion: someone who believes enough in an idea to take those perilous early risks. In our community that was Natalie Meyer. She was the team leader and able to draw on the resources…

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Permaculture In Aid

This year is International Year of the Family Farm, and two recent reports, from United Nations and European constituencies, make the case for a return of support for smallholder farmers.

The reports argue that…

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Starting A Food Forest

Food forests are production systems that try to mimic nature. Rather than growing trees in grass, we aim for a variety of plants of different shapes and sizes among the trees. Like natural forests, food forests include layers from the ground up. By selecting plants…

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Adam Grubb

Melbourne. Inner city enough to grow bananas, thanks to the heat-island effect.

Describe your property

We live in an old weatherboard, painted pale turquoise. The whole garden is full of fruit trees, edible vines, currants, berries, vegetables and flowers. When we’re in the front yard, people walking…

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Grow Your Own Shiitake

Shiitake mushrooms are the yummiest variety, in my opinion. They’re also the most expensive in the shops, and it’s virtually impossible to find organic ones, at least where we live. Solution: grow your own.

<!– wp:paragraph {"className":"…

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Greenhouse Living

Grapevines hanging from the ceiling, trees growing inside, passionfruit within an arm’s reach of the bed – Anneke van Tholen’s greenhouse home takes the term living with nature literally.


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Pamela Forward

I live on one acre outside of Margaret River, WA.

Tell us about what you do

I am a sustainable building designer, with clients Australia wide. In my work I express commitment to simplicity, beauty and sustainability, underpinned by core values of permaculture. With clients, I prioritise…

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Autumn Farm

When visiting the Autumn Farm property it’s hard not to feel like you’re in a 1992 SBS screening of a foreign film, set in the heart of a family-run farm, breathing in the warmth of the grass and…

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Robert Pekin

We rent an old three-bedroom Queenslander for our family of six in West End, Brisbane Queensland.

What do you do?

I assist in the running of Food Connect, a business based in Brisbane which turns its back on the supermarket system, brings farmers together and distributes what…

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Locavore For A Month

I think that if any of the readers of this magazine were asked if they ate local food most would say ‘yes, I shop at the local farmers’ market, grow my own vegies, swap with friends and support local businesses’. I would have said the…

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Recipes For Self-Reliance

I could not believe how easy this is to make. Now I never buy ricotta, it just doesn’t compare to what I make at home. This is best made with whey (a by-product of cheese production) but failing that use full cream un-homogenised milk.


4 ltr…

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Wandering With Wayside Weeds

I’ve spent the last seven years wandering the world, teaching people from all walks of life how to use plants to dye cloth. I didn’t carry dye materials between countries because most plants yield some kind of colour and it’s better to investigate local species…

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Make Your Own Recycled Bunting

Decide what size and shape you’d like your flags.

Make a template, either from paper or fabric, and fold it in half. Lay the folded edge of your template onto the folded edge of the fabric you want to use. Pillowcases, scraps of fabric, old tea…

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Richard Telford

Creator of the permaculture principles calendar and the permaculture principles symbols that are used throughout this magazine.

Where do you live?

Seymour on the Goulburn River in Central Victoria.

Who do you live with?

My partner Kunie, our two kids Kai (6) and Sen (3), a dozen chooks and…

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Random Weaving With Greenwaste

The concept behind this work is to transform greenwaste into something useful by weaving a simple bowl.

Random weaving is a traditional Japanese basketry technique used mostly for ikebana flower arrangements where the design…

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Herbal First Aid

Many wild plants are considered weeds in Australia, but their medicinal uses are powerful. They flourish in abundance, enabling people of all kinds to use simple and effective medicine while ‘weeding’ our landscapes.

Although the first written records of herbal medicine date back 5000 years, humans…

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Robin Clayfield

Wild, abundant, full of wildlife. Some parts neat, lots messy! Always jobs to do – subtropical, so heaps of biomass to turn into compost. Alive. Quiet spots to sit, with garden sculptures and installations. A heaven for people and animals to rest and be in….

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Deep Ecology

Deep ecology has its origins in the ideas of Norwegian ecophilosopher Arne Næss. His ideas include the concept of Gaia: that this planet we live on is a living earth; that all living things are part of the…

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Growing Abundance in Castlemaine

Castlemaine in Central Victoria has a long history of permaculture and it’s no accident that Growing Abundance (GA) emerged here. GA is a great example of people in a country town combining to grow and share sustainable food….

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Hannah Moloney

I grew up on a city herb farm in Brisbane, my dad’s business. While I had heard about permaculture plenty of times, I first understood what it meant when I was eighteen and spent time with the Brookmans at the Food Forest, in South Australia….

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Have you ever had the overwhelming feeling that our wardrobes, or in many cases, floor-drobes, are an unbalanced ratio of what-wedo- wear to what-we-don’t-wear?

It seems that so many of us have wardrobes that consist of 25% clothes we actually wear while the rest is jeans…

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In 1994 Robyn Francis acquired a compacted cow pasture to create permaculture’s first purpose-designed education centre and demonstration farm as a living learnscape of permaculture in practice. Djanbung Gardens has trained, inspired and empowered many thousands of students and visitors from around the world. The…

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Pip Picks

Permaculture design is about solving whatever real problems people have. My clients are mostly mainstreamers, so their problems aren’t of a vegetable nature. They are; ‘My children don’t listen to me’, ‘I’m always rushed’, ‘Life is such a chore’. If good design creates cared-for, surplus-sharing…

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Permaculture Groups

In 2011 the long established Permaculture International Ltd registered the business name Permaculture Australia (PA) to allow it to transition into the role of representing permaculture on a national level. PA is already operating as a national body in three ways:

Permafund — a nationally registered…

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Book Reviews

Robin Clayfield has just released the third edition of this book. The information is drawn from years of experience in gardening, cooking, design, research, teaching and creating. This is a tome of information, covering everything from permaculture principles and ethics, through hands-on practical gardening advice,…

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I am so happy that you are holding this magazine in your hands and reading it. It has been a long time in the making, growing from pip to peach, and here it is present in the world,…

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